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Remus/Sirius short one-shot

and you're running as you appear in my bedroom and my breath hitches in my throat as I think – Merlin, I've never seen anyone so in despair, so in pain.

You hit a standstill now and I look up at you, and your eyes, the grey pool which gives away your emotions even when you succeed in covering the evidence in all other features, they are liquid silver and the glistening makes my heart hurt.

We stand for a split second and then in an instant, I cross the room to you. You are bleeding and so bruised, I lay my hand flat on your chest and a sob escapes your throat and settles there between us; an echo. This is all we need and I slide my hands under your shirt along the flesh of your back as I bring you close.

You dip your head and try to steady yourself and your breathing. You bury your face in my neck, your lips against my throat.

“you're safe, you're safe” is all I can utter and tears seep down my neck as you take your shelter.
Tags: harry potter, prose, remus/sirius
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