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Meme Prompt; Will and Djaq.

For noscrubs12345 ;

Opening Line; "Well, that went well..."
Author; Sar [smudgedblue_x]
Disclaimer; All credit to the BBC. I own nothing & make no profit.

“Well, that went well.”

The forest had fallen into a shocked silence as the infamous Robin of Locksley threw a punch at the one nobody had ever suspected of betrayal. As Will Scarlett's footsteps faded away, Allan A Dale's voice reached Djaq's ears.

“I'm not being funny, but well, that went well.”

Minutes later, as the group of outlaws dispersed amongst murmurs of disbelief, the Saracen female went after Will Scarlett.

When she found him, she looked him straight in the eye, “Will... it wasn't you, was it?”

The maintained eye contact, the shake of his head and the clear 'no' was enough;

Will was loyal, and he was innocent.
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