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Meme Prompt; Tosh and Owen

For rowanheart24 ;

Opening Line; "Snorkling sounds like a bad habit to me."
Author; Sar [smudgedblue_x]
Disclaimer; All credit to the BBC. I own nothing & make no profit.

"Snorkling sounds like a bad habit to me."

Ianto Jones was discussing the ins and outs of various water activities with Captain Jack Harkness. "I'm sure it could make an exception if it was you that was being soaked to the very skin," returned one of Jack's comments, causing a slight red glow to become enhanced on Ianto's cheeks.

"I've always rather enjoyed snorkling," Toshiko entered the area, and accepted a cup of coffee from Ianto, "Thanks."

Owen spoke up from the edge of the area, "There you go, Tosh, I'll take you snorkling, if you'd like to."

"Aww Owen...I'd like that," Tosh smiled.

"Well then, it's a date."
Tags: meme, torchwood
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You absolutely must write more Owen/Tosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or I might just come to my senses and start crying. . .
Awwww I'm glad you liked it.
I've just written 10 pages in my notebook of an R/S part for an unrelated to Empathy one shot & it flowed out & I'm so happy!
YAY! That's awesome!

BTW, I just posted your Jack/Ianto Challenge in my timeturner_tobi LJ . . . I hope you like it! Crosses fingers!