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Rufus/Lily flash fic

Prompt; Digital Camera

Rufus Humphrey stood in the doorway, watching the reciprocated love of his life, Lily van der Woodsen, get ready for her wedding day, but not again, not to her right person.


“Those 20 years have to count for something, don't they?”
“I think they count for everything.”


“They say a picture's worth a thousand words, you know, Lil...”

Lily bit her lip ever-so-slightly as she looked up at her tall lead singer with his digital camera in hand.

“Rufus...its no big deal.”
“You look beautiful.”

Rufus came to stand behind Lily, and she allowed him to fasten the clasp of her necklace.

“C'mon, Lily, you took the best and most iconic picture ever taken of me-” “-Debatable.” “At least let me take some of you.”

She sighed, “You'll make me change my mind.”

And so, she reluctantly obliged. Snap after snap, and with each one, Lily could feel herself entering into the spirit of it. She knew it should be Rufus who the vows were made to, but with their children in love, it wasn't possible.

When Lily's daughter, Serena, came to find her mother, she found her dancing one last time with Rufus, oblivious to all else.

The digital camera lay forgotten on the side.
Tags: flash fic, rufus/lily
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