Sar (smudgedblue_x) wrote in scribbledinsand,

Remus/Sirius short one-shot

I laugh and playfully shove James as we sit talking, Potions homework abandoned.

You come down the stairs – my senses are a compass with you my North, the one I revolve around – and stand by the table, unusually quiet.

I tug a chair out next to my own and smile up at you. You smile slowly in return and lower yourself next to me. You curve an arm around my waist, your fingers cool and laid spread-eagled on my stomach.

You shuffle closer, leaning your chin over my shoulder as you glance over my parchment. James is talking, unsurprisingly about Lily once again and I murmur, “Alright?”

The squeeze of my waist I take as an affirmative and I smile.
Tags: harry potter, prose, remus/sirius
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